Van Hage Feed The Birds Birdcare Pack

Item No. 772312
This Pack Includes: Westland/Gardman PK Complete 2kg + 50% XF x 2 Westland/Gardman PK ExGood Energy Ball 4pk x 2 Westland/Gardman PK DailyGood 100 Nuggets Pouch Westland/Gardman GM Peanuts 2kg + 25% XF Westland/Gardman GM Sunflower Hearts 2kg+25% XF Westland/Gardman GM Mworm Pouch 1.2kg + 25% XF
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This Pack Includes:
Westland/GardmanPK Complete 2kg + 50% XF x 2
Westland/GardmanPK ExGood Energy Ball 4pk x 2
Westland/GardmanPK DailyGood 100 Nuggets Pouch
Westland/GardmanGM Peanuts 2kg + 25% XF
Westland/GardmanGM Sunflower Hearts 2kg+25% XF
Westland/GardmanGM Mworm Pouch 1.2kg + 25% XF
Westland/GardmanGM Suet Filled CoCo Feeder 4Pk
Westland/GardmanGM Seed&Mwrm Suet Treats 1.1kg

GTIN F772304
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Brand Van Hage