October Gardening Tips

October gardening tips are provided by John Morgan, Category Manager Horticulture at Van Hage.


  •  Plant bulbs between shrubs, perennials, under trees and in the lawn.
  •  Plant bulbs in containers with hardy Pansy or other Autumn bedding
  •  Plant bulbs, such as hyacinth in pots to force for early  indoor flowering


  •  The best time of the year to plant new hedges

Beds and borders

  • The best time of the year to put most new plants into the ground
  • As herbaceous perennial plants start to die back trim and tidy up for the winter
  • Start to collect leaves as they fall
  • Divide old or large clumps of perennials


  • Apply Autumn lawn food, which will prepare the lawn for winter
  • Aerate and scarify to remove debris
  • Sow grass seed on bare patches
  • Lay new turf
  • Sow grass seed on bare patches


  • Protect ripening fruit from the birds with netting
  • The best time of the year to put most new plants into the ground
  • Pick and enjoy fruit as soon as they ripen
  • Prepare to store apples and pears in a cool place, pick in cool dry conditions before fully mature

Bedding plants

  • As the chance of a frost increases and as summer bedding plants finish, remove and prepare for planting hardy Autumn bedding such as winter flowering pansy, in the ground and in containers
  • Water all newly planted containers and hanging baskets
  • Double your colour by under-planting with bulbs


  • Pick crops as they mature
  • Sow green manure seeds into empty patches, to dig in after the winter
  • Remove old tired leaves, do not let them rot on the ground they may spread infection
  • Keep greenhouses well ventilated, remove yellow leaves on Tomatoes, keep feeding Peppers

House plants

  • Plants require less water during cooler days, this may change when the central heating comes on
  • Feed less regularly
  • As the days become less sunny ensure plants have good light
  • Remove any faded blooms


  • An excellent time to spray tough perennial weeds with a systemic weed killer

Pest and disease

  • The Autumn removal  up of old leaves and debris is an excellent way of controlling pests and diseases that may overwinter


  • The need to water drastically reduces, however the need to check for dryness is more important. Evergreen plants in pots must not be allowed to dry out.
  • Ensure all newly planted stock well watered if there is no significant rainfall

Horticulturally trained staff are always available to help at Van Hage.

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