May Half Term Animal Events - 30th May to 3rd June

Animal Shows

Come along to our animal encounter zone to meet some of our friendly animals:

11am - Meet the Tortoises
3pm - Furry Encounter

11am - Meet the Barn Owls
3pm - Scaly Encounter

11am - Meet the Skunks
3pm - Creepy Crawly Encounter

11am - Meet the Goats
3pm - Scaly Encounter


Animal Feeding Times

12pm:- Marmosets
It's breakfast time for our marmosets, what will they have??

1pm:- Coatis
Join us for a lunchtime feed with our family of Coatis

2pm:- Meerkats
Watch our meerkats enjoy their feed. It could be wriggly, crunchy or possibly even slimy.

4pm:- Pigs
Join our keeperes to give our greedy pigs and afternoon snack!


Animal food is available from 11am - 4pm for 20p.

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