March Gardening Tips


March gardening tips are provided by John Morgan, Category Manager Horticulture at Van Hage.

Warmer longer days, time to get in the garden. There is so much to do after the wet Winter. Spring begins on the 20th March 2015 which is certainly a date to look forward to. We are hoping for the worst of the weather to be over and for a magnificent display of plants and life to arrive with Spring. It's time start preparing seed beds for sowing and removing any signs of Winter from your garden.


Most lawns are full of moss after the all the rain, this won't hinder your garden if you tackle it in early March. The moss should be kept at bay as the warmer months come in but keep an eye on your lawn during periods of heavy and frequent rain.

  • Aerate, vigorously rake in all directions, this will also re-move dead grass and moss
  • Apply moss killer and allow to go black before raking
  • Re-seed any worn areas
  • Apply a complete lawn food
  • When mowing for the first time, cut high as this will help to encourage new growth.

Beds and borders

  • Remove any plants that have not survived the Winter and prepare to replace them.
  • Prune any Winter flowering shrubs as soon as they finish flowering
  • All hardy plants will perform better if mulched with compost or manure
  • Trim Summer flowering shrubs, that flower on new growth


Looking ahead it is advised to buy young plants now for garden boxes and hanging baskets. These plants will be perfect for planting once the cold has lifted.

  • Plan and buy the flower seeds for this year, look online and in Garden Centers for inspiration.
  • Sow tougher annuals such as Antirrhinum


  • Finish pruning any trees and bushes


  • Finish pruning bush, patio, shrub and climbing roses
  • Ensure all leaves and dead growth are removed

Climbing plants

  • Prune large flowered Summer flowering Clematis

Bedding plants

  • Remove any faded blooms from all planted hardy bedding
  • Replace any Winter damaged plants


  • Cultivate the vegetable plot as soon as the soil is dry enough to dig
  • Buy seed potatoes and plan when to begin chitting (sprouting)
  • Start to sow early crops in small batches
  • Plant onion sets when the soil is dry enough
  • Keep greenhouses well ventilated during milder days, heat as required

House plants

  • Plants will start to require more water with the longer sunnier days
  • Start to feed at regular intervals


  • Evergreen plants in pots will begin to require more water

Horticulturally trained staff are always available to help at Van Hage. Stop by and be inspired by our unique range of gardening equipment, seeds and more. Our friendly staff love nothing more than answering your questions and offering advice on your garden.

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