How to dispose of your Christmas Tree

In the month of December you can’t wait to put up your Christmas Tree and carefully select the positioning of each bauble. The tradition of decorating Christmas Trees in the home dates back to 16th Century Germany and is still practiced today all over the globe. Think about how many Christmas Trees that is worldwide!! Now imagine if nobody tried to recycle them? That’s a HUGE amount of Christmas Trees out in the dark and cold just a few weeks after you and the Children decorated them with love.

So what can you do? Help clear up after Christmas. Do NOT dump your Christmas Tree, putting it outside your front door unfortunately won’t make it disappear. There are easy and responsible ways to dispose of your Christmas Tree and we’re here to suggest a few!

Living potted Christmas Trees


Check Christmas collection services with your local Council. Councils up and down the country offer a number of services to help you wave goodbye to Christmas the guilt free way. From roadside collections, to local park collection points and trips to the tip. What’s Christmas without one last haul to get the tree back on the roof of the car anyway?

Recycled trees unfortunately come to the end of their lives but go on to be made into much needed compost or chippings which are then used locally in parks or woodland areas.


That’s right you can replant your Christmas tree! This way takes a little effort but it is certainly worth it to keep the thing living and watch it grow. Replanting is not the most common way to recycle a tree due to the space that is required. If you’re lucky enough to have the perfect spot then that’s fantastic. If you’re considering planting your tree after this Christmas then be sure to select a young tree that will not touch the ceiling of your home this year or the next. Depending on the variety it can take a tree up to 8 years to fully mature. Replanting is not an easy task and there are many things to consider. It is worth doing your research before you begin to ensure the time and effort spend ends in a happy and healthy tree.

A note on artificial trees

Unfortunately, artificial trees do not lend themselves to being recycled due to the combination of materials used. Just because the tree can’t go to your local recycling center doesn't mean you should bin it straight away. If your tree is anywhere between excellent and OK in condition then there could be hope yet. Try online freecycling websites, ask friends, family or donate it to a charity. There is definitely someone out there who could benefit from having your old artificial tree.

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