Goicoechea Poterie


Van Hage welcomes Goicoechea Poterie as a new supplier of lovely handcrafted outdoor pots.

"Goicoechea Poterie was born in 1960 from the hand of Jean-Baptiste Goicoechea. 50 years later, Goicoechea Poterie create and make models from classical to contemporary style, whose traditional know-how, passion and quality are behind a family's prestige. Goicoechea Poterie's workshops are situated in the village of Ossès, nestled between the abrupt Pyrenees Mountains and the green valleys of Basque Country."

"Once again, our gardening world has changed and is enriched with new creations, especially in the contemporary collection which continues to be successful. You will also discover that our grey terracotta is now generally available in this light bluish grey colour, created and developed in our studio in Ossès."

"It is from the quarries of the Basque Country that the Goicoechea family takes its raw material - Clay. This 100% pure clay from Navarre, with its beautiful pink patina, is renowned for its robustness and plasticity, flexible for creation and high quality for shaping. This noble material shaped by man's hand gives rise to many different forms. Shaping is traditional, but kilns are ultra-modern, thus enabling the ultimate manufacturing cycle to be controlled - Baking."

"On 27th November 2008 the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment awarded Goicoechea Poterie the Living Heritage Business Label."

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