December Gardening Tips

wintergardenWhen it comes to the Winter months you may find yourself twiddling your thumbs a little thinking ‘surely there is some gardening to be done?’. Well you’re not alone in the thought. British Winter time leaves all us gardeners a little lost for tasks. The cold temperatures and dark evenings mean gardening is pretty much a write off for a couple of month’s surrounding the festive season. Though the usual planting and tending tasks are limited there are things you can be doing this December to prepare your garden for the New Year.

By this point you should have already planted your bulbs due to grow in Spring. If you’re a little late to this task then it is still worth a shot but don’t spend a fortune just incase no results come of it. Be sure to fork your soil in advance and plant when the earth is neither frozen or soaking, it has to be just right!

General maintenance

General maintenance can really help your garden get the kick start it needs once temperatures begin to rise again. Forking all your beds helps to prepare the soil for the coming year. Clearing paths and beds of any debris will help not only maintain the look of your garden but can help keep pests such as slugs at bay.

One man’s waste is another’s treasure. Any debris collected can be put to one side for Hedgehogs to transform into a lovely home this Winter. Hedgehogs usually hibernate between November and March but it is not uncommon to see some around. Usually Hedgehogs that didn’t gather enough body fat in time for the big sleep stay awake and could do with all the help they need.

Spring clean - early!

If you’re desperate to get out there, lighten the Spring load by tidying up longstanding trees and shrubs in December.

Take the time to protect your garden from frost.

The early months of each year are often the coldest. Prepare for the chill in December. Bring any tender plants undercover and take time to invest in some insulating materials. Everything from fleece to bubble wrap can be wrapped around potted plants to give them a snug little blanket that will help them last the Winter. Raising pots to sit on top of bricks also protects plants from the cold.


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