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Van Hage Peterborough is the first garden centre of the Van Hage group to install and run a fully functional butchers shop, where all the pork, lamb, beef and chicken is butchered right in front of the customer. Van Hage are now very pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with Grasmere Farm, award winning producer of their own Lincolnshire grown Pork and supplier of famous Lincoln Red Beef and locally sourced Lamb.Butcher

Grasmere Farm is a family business which takes pride in its traditional quality pork and bacon products.

The pigs are reared on stone ground meal, milled at their 18th Century watermill, Maxey Mill, on the River Welland. By using only their own farm herds they ensure a consistent tender taste of the past.

At Grasmere Farm, quality, flavour and tenderness can be guaranteed due to carefully controlled cereal diets, a friendly environment and modern processing facilities. Thus, Grasmere Farm pork combines the benefits of traditional values with up to the minute pork products to meet the demands of today.

Their specialities include dry cured bacon and hams and an authentic Lincolnshire sausage - all prepared to their traditional recipes with flavours as they used to be.

Visit the Van Hage Peterborough Food Market and speak to one of our butchers about the great deals in store, or why not visit our Cafe to try some of their products yourself.

Sausages & Burgers

Grasmere Farm is proud of their reputation for their sausages. From their traditional Lincolnshire Sausage to the unique smoked Rutland Sausage, there is a sausage for every occasion.

Alf, a retired local butcher who in his time won many awards with his Lincolnshire Sausages, has passed his craft onto Stuart, proprietor of Grasmere Farm. Stuart continues to produce his Lincolnshire Sausages to Alf's traditional recipe. Due to the reputation of this sausage it was not long before other types were produced.

The Rutland Sausage is a classic example of this. Originally commissioned for the Ram Jam Inn on the A1 near Stamford, this meaty garlic sausage has become a real favourite.

All sausages are made using only prime fresh pork and natural ingredients.

Bacon Curing

Grasmere Farm has earned a very enviable reputation for "Bacon as it used to be"

This is because they make it in the old fashioned way. The meat is placed in salting troughs and then rubbed with a mixture of salts and sugar to a recipe from Sid, an old village butcher who has since passed away, but at least his knowledge did not die with him!

Once the meat is cured, the meat, which is now bacon is hung to dry and mature. This traditional process results in bacon with a delicious depth of flavour which is second to none.

A question we are always asked is "Why does bacon produce a white watery scum in the pan, shrink and won't go crispy?" - the answer is simple... Grasmere bacon does not have these problems because it isn't injected full of brine and flavour enhancers as with mass-produced bacon.

Smoked Bacon

Their dry cured bacon is smoked slowly over beech wood to give a true natural smoked flavour infused throughout the bacon.

Home Cured Ham

At Grasmere Farm they make their own home cured ham. This is matured for a minimum of two weeks after curing which gives a mild flavoured ham of moist, yet firm, texture. A gammon is a boneless piece of ham.

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