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Tom Chambers bird and garden products can help you support the wildlife and plants in your outdoor space.
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Tom Chambers Bird Feeders, Tables, & Feed

Avid bird watchers will love Tom Chambers’ range of bird feeders to attract wildlife to your outdoor space. With a feeder designed for every style of garden, from stand alone Tom Chambers designs to those that can be hung from a garden fence or tree. Depending on whether you prefer to put out mealworm, fat balls, or peanuts, Tom Chambers bird feeders have got you covered. With squirrel-proof designs to ensure your birds are the only ones nibbling on your bird feed, your local visitors are sure to flock to your garden.

If you are looking for a bird table that fits into your garden’s aesthetic with ease, then Tom Chambers is for you. Crafted from rustic timbers, Tom Chambers bird tables offer a traditional style space to feed your favourite birds. Wildlife will easily be able to perch on the side of the table and help themselves to tasty treats!

Give Birds a Home with Nest Boxes

Give your local birds a more permanent home with Tom Chambers’ bird boxes. Handcrafted to attract a wide variety of birds from robins to sparrows to great tits. In a range of sizes, with different openings, birds will be able to make a cosy home for themselves in a Tom Chambers nest box. You can easily hang your new nest box from a fence or tree, ensuring local wildlife feels safe when nestling down.

Plant Supports for Optimum Growth

Tom Chambers doesn’t only specialise in bird care, they also offer plant supports. Plant supports are essential to achieve the vibrant garden you dream of. Helping plants stay off the ground, preventing mould and ensuring the plant has the strength to climb in the direction you desire. Tom Chambers plant supports come in a variety of shapes, from arches, to single stems, to wrap around - you’ll be able to create the garden you’ve dreamed of.

Introducing Van Hage

With over 60 years experience in the garden industry we can help you transform your outdoor space. Our collection of garden furnitureWeber BBQs, and terracotta pots will all help you on your journey to creating your oasis.
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