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Multi Change Tools

Wolf Garten Telescopic Handle 220 400Cm


The ZMV4 telescopic handle extends from 220cm to 400cm through 5 stages. The lightweight aluminium construction means it is sturdy when extended and easier to handle at height and the...

Wolf Garden Multi Change GUTTER CLEANER


This 2-in-1 Gutter Cleaner features both a leaf scoop and a gutter brush. The leaf scoop quickly removes leaves and debris, whilst the replaceable brush body on the opposite side...

Wolf Garten Window Pond Net


This Pond Net allows you to effortlessly clean leaves, weeds and debris from ponds. The fine mesh is ideal for collecting small particles and the flexible frame helps to protect...

Wolf Garten Weeding Knife 4Cm


This Weeding Knife makes light work of removing even the toughest of weeds from your lawn and borders without the need for chemicals. The knife can be inserted under the...

Wolf Garten Weed Extractor 4Cm


This Weed Extractor is the ideal tool for removing stubborn, deep rooted weeds such as dandelions from your lawn, flowerbeds and borders without the need for chemicals. To use, simply...

Wolf Garten Adjustable Fruit Picker


This Adjustable Fruit Picker is the ideal tool for harvesting fruit from your trees without damaging the branches. The built-in blade allows easier picking on stubborn stalks, and a gentle...

Wolf Garten Lawn Edge Iron 22.5Cm


This Lawn Edge Iron cuts turf to give your lawn a neat and defined edge where it meets borders. The traditional half-moon design makes the tool easy to use and...

Wolf Garten Push Pull Weeder


This Push/Pull Weeder features a wavy, dual edge blade which works backwards and forwards to trap and cut through weeds just below soil level. This extra-hardened tool allows you to...

Wolf Garten Swoe Style Hoe 12Cm


This Swoe Style Hoe is ideal for weeding around and behind plants in tight areas. The shape of the tool head allows you to use a push and pull action...

Taylors Bulbs Small Push/Pull Weeder 10Cm


Enables push and pull weeding on firm and sandy subsoil as a result of its thin, ground serrated cutter made of high quality steel. The working width of this quality...

Wolf Garten Small Draw Hoe 10Cm


Draw weeding close to plants without damaging the leaves, flowers or buds in their upper parts is possible with the HU-M 10 multi-star Floral Hoe and its 10 cm wide...

Wolf Garten Double Hoe 8Cm


The practical iL-M 3 multi-star Double Hoe fulfills three functions: Loosening close to plants and between the rows, earthing up and weeding with the broad hoeing and earthing blade. The...

Wolf Garten Soil Rake 30Cm


This Soil Rake is an ideal all-rounder rake for a range of gardening tasks. The solid, high quality steel head has 12 curved teeth which allow easy soil penetration. This...

Wolf Garten House Brush 40Cm


This House Brush is made with a combination of extra fine horsehair and Flexon®, providing optimum cleaning efficiency and harder wear. The bristles are designed to effectively remove fine dust...

Wolf Garten Leaf Rake 42Cm


This Leaf Rake has flat-edged plastic tines which prevent leaves getting spiked onto the head, making it ideal for gathering leaves, grass clipping and debris from paved areas. This rake...

Wolf Garten Dutch Hoe 13Cm


This Dutch Hoe has a traditional and popular design which enables you to slice through weeds with minimal effort and the extra hardened one-piece blade provides extra strength. Simply push...

Wolf Garten Hand Trowel 8Cm


The LU-SM multi-star Hand Trowel is ideally suited to, for example, planting and transplanting, lifting balcony plants or bulbs and decanting sand.It can be used in plant tubs with the...

Wolf Garten Hand Fork 7.5Cm


For planting and transplanting; high quality robust design with four strong tines.Thanks to the narrow, pointed shape of its tines, this handy yet sturdy LU-GM multi-star Hand Fork enables effortless,...

Wolf Garten 9Cm Grubber


Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Grubber 9cmScarify that is as easy as drawing the tool through the soil, loosening that is gentle to the roots and aeration for the best growing conditions...

Wolf Garten Weeding Brush


This Weeding Brush features stiff steel bristles that are specially angled to remove tough weeds and moss from between paving slabs and block paving. When used with a suitable length...

Wolf Garten Close Toothed Rake 19Cm


This Close Toothed Rake has curved teeth which are ergonomically shaped for ease of use. Their slight backwards curve allows the rake be easily pulled through soil and gravel and...

Wolf Garten 85Cm Aluminium D Grip Handle


This aluminium handle has a comfortable sleeve and D-Grip helping to provide additional leverage when needed. At 85cm in length, this handle is particularly effective when used with tools that...

Wolf Garten Small Sweep 11Cm


The LC-M multi-star Small Sweep with its strong, round spring steel tines cleans and loosens the soil in the smallest spaces.Handles ZM 02 and ZM 04 are especially suitable for...

Wolf Garten 120Cm Aluminium Handle


This lightweight handle with a comfortable red sleeve is a 118cm long and made from strong rustproof aluminium. It can quickly and easily be attached to over 60 different tool...

Wolf Garten Garden Scraper


This Garden Scraper is the ideal tool for removing weeds and moss from in between paving slabs. The sharp edge gets in between the cracks to cut weeds, whilst the...

Wolf Garten Mini Cultivator


Thanks to the three pointed tines, even medium-heavy soils can be easily aerated and broken up with the BE-M multi-star Cultivator. The working width is 7 cm.The ZM02 and ZM04...

Wolf Garten 35Cm Small Handle


This 35cm long handle is the ideal when needing a longer reach hand tool or when working in restricted spaces such as in plant tubs, balcony boxes, tending containers or...

Wolf Garten 15Cm Mini Handle


This 15cm mini handle is designed to be used with all hand tools, from the trowel and fork, small rockery tools to the window washer and wiper heads.A handle is...

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