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BBQ Fuel

BBQ fuel will help you on your way to becoming master of the grill. Starting the fire in your barbecue is simple with our range of fuel.

Green olive Premium Lumpwood Charcola 8kg


If you are looking for a quality restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal then Premium Gourmet is the choice for you.This Restaurant grade Lumpwood charcoal is ethically created from sustainable dense hardwoods...

Green Olive Olive Firewood Net Bag Logs


Olive firewood is an extremely dense firewood that burns with a fantastic aroma. The density of the wood means that it burns much longer than most woods here in the...

Green Olive Long Burn Charcoal Briquettes 4kg


Briquettes are compressed from natural wood and natural starch binding agents to give a steady and consistent cooking heat. Our briquettes are quick to reach cooking temperatures and long lasting...

Green Olive Dry Logs Kiln Dried Net Bag Logs


Kiln dried softwood logs are processed using timber from managed woodland, dried to below 20% and ready to burn. Softwood logs are the ultimate fire-starter they are great for building...

Green Olive Kindling Net 2-3kg


Kindling wood sticks are ideal for getting the fire glowing. Our kindling is produced from softwoods and is kiln dried to a moisture content of less than 15%. Our kindling...

Green Olive Wood Wool Firelighters 24 Pieces


Natural wood wool shavings mixed with vegetable wax. 24 firelighters per box. Clean to handle, easy to light & long burning, gets the fire started efficiently. Chemical-free, odourless BBQ cooking to retain natural...

Green Olive Instant Firelog 1.1kg


Just light the packet and get an instant fire in moments. Made from 100% natural and sustainable resources such as plant wax and wood pellets. Burns for over 2 hours...

Green Olive Organic Firelighters 32 Piece


Organic Firelighters work just as good as traditional firelighters but without the smell of the lighting fluid or paraffin. Perfect for both open fires and especially cooking as there are no chemical...

Fallen Fruits Long Matches


Ever since the 6th century wooden sticks have brought light and warmth. As a result of their extra length these matches are perfectly suited for lighting fireplaces, campfires and candles....

Start Your BBQ with Firelighters

Firelighters are the ultimate BBQ fuel, getting BBQs going with ease. Our collection BBQ fuel features natural firelighters, free from chemicals. Made from sawdust, wood shavings, and vegetable wax, you’ll experience odourless cooking to help your food retain its natural flavours. BBQ fuel and firelighters will ensure you don’t have problems beginning your grilling session, and can entertain your guests without a worry! 

Charcoal Briquettes BBQ Fuel

Starting a charcoal BBQ is simple with BBQ fuel. Our range of charcoal briquettes are designed to give you the grilling experience you desire. Providing a steady and consistent heat, you’ll be able to cook for 2.5 to 3 hours - giving you plenty of time to serve starters, mains, and pudding all from the grill! Using BBQ accessories you can poke the briquettes so they cover the whole of your grilling area, giving you an even heat to serve up some delicious food!

Keep the Fire Going as You BBQ into the Night

We all love a barbecue, but the British weather can mean we can’t have them too often! However, our range of BBQ fuel also includes kindling and fire logs to keep your outdoor heating alive. With your firepits and chimeneas providing warmth on even the coldest afternoon, you can enjoy your BBQ all year round.

How to Store BBQ Fuel

Whilst your grill can be protected by a BBQ cover through even the worst weather conditions, it’s not recommended to leave BBQ fuel outside. Ideally you should keep your BBQ fuel somewhere dry, like a shed to ensure it has not got damp before the next time you want to use it.

Introducing Van Hage

With over 60 years in the garden and leisure industry, we have everything you need to turn your space into an oasis. Our collection of garden furnituregas BBQs, and dining sets will help you create a garden you adore.
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