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BBQ covers protect your grill whilst not in use, to ensure it’s in top condition when it's time to host!
Our range has barbecue covers for both gas and charcoal grills.
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Weather Resistant BBQ Covers

The British weather is known for throwing surprises, whether it be heavy downpours in the middle of summer, or hot spells in the winter. A BBQ cover will ensure your most prized cooking tool is protected from weather conditions, whatever comes its way. There are many elements that can deteriorate the condition of your BBQ, and BBQ covers are designed to be breathable, preventing moisture build up, whilst sheltering your grill from rain, sun, and frost.

With fastening straps to secure the BBQ cover to your grill, you won’t have to chase it through your garden at every gust of wind. A cover is the ultimate BBQ accessory, ensuring you can use your Teager, Leisuregrow, and Weber BBQ for years to come. 

Gas BBQ Covers to Protect Your Grill

Gas BBQs are often too big to store in a shed or sheltered area which makes a cover an essential. Protecting your grill from harsh weather, especially rain, frost, and snow, can ensure the ignition system continues to work properly - allowing you to host legendary garden parties. This can be done simply with a gas BBQ cover, sheltering the whole of your cooker from the elements by attaching securely. 

Keep Cooking with Charcoal BBQ Covers

Traditional charcoal BBQs also benefit from outdoor protection. For those who have more compact outdoor spaces, whether it be a patio or balcony, you may also find you have little storage space for your barbecue. That’s where barbecue covers come in. Made from heavy duty and durable materials, BBQ covers will stop your grill becoming wet and damp which could impact how easy it is to light! With a completely dry barbecue, you’ll find BBQ fuel works more efficiently. 

Introducing Van Hage

We have over 60 years of experience in the garden and leisure industry. With our range of garden furnituregarden furniture covers, and outdoor heating you’ll be able to create your dream outdoor space.
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