discover the best weatherproof garden furniture for your outdoor space today

Weatherproof garden furniture is a must in the UK due to our ever changing weather and climate. From glorious sunshine one minute to heavy rain the next, you need outdoor furniture that can withstand every season. Our guide to weatherproof garden furniture dives into the best choices to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space whatever the weather. 

What Does Weatherproof Mean?

When it comes to garden furniture, weatherproof means that the pieces can withstand bad weather, especially rain. Weatherproof garden furniture will be resistant to the British climate, giving you a comfy place to sit and socialise on sunny days. 

What are the Different Types of Weatherproof Garden Furniture?

Designed to live outside, many garden furniture sets are weatherproof, and tend to fall into four categories: rattan, metal, wooden and plastic.

Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture is crafted from rattan vines, either natural or synthetic, woven together. Rattan makes some of the best weatherproof garden furniture, due to its robust nature. Whether used in cocoon chairs or sunloungers, rattan is season-proof making it ideal for outdoor furniture. Withstanding rain, frost, and sunshine you’ll adore relaxing on rattan weatherproof garden furniture!

Weatherproof Metal Outdoor Furniture

Some of the best garden furniture for year-round use is made from aluminium, which is extremely weatherproof as it doesn’t rust in wet conditions like iron may. This weatherproof garden furniture is also lightweight, making it perfect for everyday use. The durable material can be transformed into super comfy weatherproof garden furniture with the addition of garden cushions to sit on. Whilst many cushions are waterproof and wipeable, you may wish to store these weatherproof garden furniture accessories in your home or shed.

Weatherproof Wood Garden Benches & Seats

Wood has traditionally been used for furniture such as garden benches and swings. As a natural material wood is ideal for weatherproof garden furniture. When taken care of this wonderful material can create weatherproof garden furniture that lasts for years to come. Whether you choose teak garden furniture or redwood, following care instructions such as sealing the wood can protect it from both rain and UV rays.

Wipe Dry Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic is renowned for its durable qualities, making it excellent for garden furniture that has to put up with tough conditions. Waterproof and easy to wipe free of wet and dirt, plastic furniture is not only a fabulous weatherproof option, but it is also affordable!

Enjoy Your Garden Whatever the Weather

There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon in the garden surrounded by family and friends. However, if the weather turns from sunny to cold and wet you may feel you need to dash inside! However, pairing your weatherproof garden furniture with a parasol or gazebo can mean your gathering doesn’t have to end early. With the addition of outdoor heating, you’ll feel like the sun hasn’t left!

Protecting Your Garden Furniture from the Elements

Whilst weatherproof garden furniture can withstand the elements, it’s also a good idea to add an extra layer of protection. Garden furniture covers can help to fend off snow, pollution, dirt, and rain. Furniture is not the only thing you should be looking to weatherproof in your garden, in fact your BBQs can also benefit from BBQ covers to ensure they last as long as possible.

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