Water Water Everywhere…
Keep your garden hydrated with Van Hage 

As we move closer towards high Summer the weather is getting warmer – and dare we say it, even quite hot!
The Great British Summer doesn’t always live up to its name though and the weather can often be quite disappointing but the forecast for July is apparently really quite good. So good in fact, recent media articles on the subject have used the word ‘scorching’ – how exciting!

With all this lovely hot weather on the way it’s vital that we keep our gardens well hydrated and in tip-top condition to cope with the heat. There are many ways to garden successfully in high temperatures but it’s important we find the right way that suits our particular outside spaces. Whether you have a large or small garden, an allotment, a lawn, a patio area, or simply a balcony, keeping plants well-watered is a necessity. It can be a bit daunting though, so we thought we’d put together a handy guide to help you make the right choices.


Hoses are great for any size garden but particularly if you have a large garden and Hozelock is our main supplier. Being able to use a hose on beds, borders and containers saves you traipsing back and forth filling up your watering can.
You can do the same job in a fraction of the time with a hose, especially if it is on a handy reel where you can wind it back neatly in a matter of seconds!

No more tangled messes in the shed that takes you an age to unravel before the hard work has even begun! We have a huge range of hoses in store and online but here are a few of our favourite picks:


Irrigation Systems are excellent for timed watering, especially the more sophisticated options. If you live a busy life and are unable to water regularly then you might want to invest in one of these. You can extend irrigation systems as far and wide as you like with easy connectable parts. Feed them through beds and containers, even hanging baskets and take the hard work out of keeping on top of watering. You can attach them to walls, fences, navigate through complex twists and turns – there’s nowhere your system can’t go to reach your precious plants!

Equally Sprinkler Systems take the hard work out of watering a lawn, simply turn this on and sit back in the safe knowledge that your lawn is getting enough water to keep it emerald green throughout the hot weather. You can even make extra holes in your hose sprinkle system with a hose hole punch to control just how much water your grass is receiving.

Here are some of our favourite products:


The Elho Greenville round flowerpots are a great way to keep plants watered if you are away for a few days. This beautiful designer pot made from sturdy recycled plastic is frost proof making it suitable for all seasons in the garden or on the terrace. The pot has an integrated water reservoir so your plants will always have enough water.

Another way to keep plants watered while you are away is by using the Aqua Save Water Spike. This clever little contraption is a simple screw top that you can attach to an old, recycled drink bottle. Just fill the bottle with water, attach the aqua save and push into the soil of your plant pot or hanging basket. The water is gradually released into the soil, so even if you’re not around, your plants are getting everything they need. You can even add plant food to the water to help keep your flowers in blooming marvellous condition.


Collecting rainwater is not only a great way to keep your plants hydrated but it will also help to reduce your carbon footprint. A water container is the most efficient way you can do this, and we have a huge range from Garantia to choose from. From the more traditional designs to something more stylish where the tank is disguised as a plant pot - we have it covered.

With the latter, plants can be planted in the top of the tank and the rainwater collects in the large chamber below. These are great for small gardens as you don’t need space for both plant pots and a water butt – so many designs to choose from including stone and wood effects.

Here’s a few of our favourite picks:
Garantia Garden Tank 1000L Green
Garantia Rocky Walltank 400L Redstone
Garantia Stone Watertank 350L Silver
Garantia Antique Amphora 600L Terracotta
Garantia Woody Wall Tank 350L Darkwood


Water Features not only look great and create a relaxing environment for us to enjoy but they also produce a humid environment for our plants. 
If you place planters around the water feature, they will benefit from the moisture in the air and spray. Ferns work particularly well around water features and look fantastic.

We just love:


Water Retention gels are a superb way to keep soil moist and are great if you are away. Simply follow the instructions on the packet and mix into the soil around you plant. Smart Garden Hanging Garden FertiGel Plant Feed & Water Retention is a two-in-one fertiliser and water storing crystals.

We also stock Smart Garden 400G Aquagel. These are ideal for pots, containers and hanging baskets and they reduce the need for regular watering and are suitable for flowers, fruits and vegetables indoor and outdoor plants. Many of our composts from Westland include moisture retention technology too helping to keep your plants hydrated.   

Westland Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost 30L
Westland Rose Planting & Potting Mix 60L
Westland Alpine Planting Mix Bag 25L  


By covering the surface of beds and borders in mulch or bark chips you will help to keep the soil cool and moist as it prevents the moisture from evaporating. The same applies when adding a layer of fine gravel over the topsoil of your pots and containers. Be careful not to do this with hanging baskets though as this can be too heavy and may break the wall fastening.



A garden is nothing without the gardener to maintain it and people to enjoy it.

Make sure you look after yourself in the heat too by keeping hydrated, wearing sun cream and staying in the shade. Check out our parasol and gazebo ranges and why not look at our paddling pool selection to keep the little ones cool while they play.


Before you go, we’d like to share some top tips with you.

We recommend that you water your garden as often as you can, even after light showers. Unless we have experienced a long period of heavy rain, you will still need to make sure the soil around your plants is moist (not water-logged though!). A light sprinkling over the top of your plants is not sufficient either, make sure you water a good amount low down at the root.

Pots and containers require watering frequently in dry weather as they do not have the benefit of open beds to source the moisture they require.

It is a myth that watering plants during the hottest part of the day can scorch the leaves of your plant, however water from a hose rather than rainwater from a water butt may have salts and chemical residue (for instance, chlorine or fluoride) and this can leave damage marks on the leaves that look like they have been burned once the water has evaporated.

Night watering is not a good idea because plants are more susceptible to fungal diseases during the naturally damper, cooler conditions of night.

When choosing plants for your garden read the label carefully or better still find a member of our friend Outside team for some expert help and advice. Make sure the plant you are buying suits the area you want to plant it in. Does the plant prefer shade or sun? How exposed is the area in your garden? Is it a windy location? This can dry plants out too. Have you chosen a large or fast-growing plant that’s likely to over-shadow other plants and take a lot of the moisture and nutrients out of the ground that could impact the other plants in the immediate area?

Keep your eye on your houseplants in hot weather too as they tend to dry out more frequently. Few houseplants like sitting in water though so be sure to drain them thoroughly before putting them back in their pot covers.

Lots to consider, but don’t despair! Getting the right care for your garden will ensure it thrives and will be a joy for you and your loved ones throughout the summer!

Happy watering!