Some of us still have snow in our gardens so finding the motivation to get out there is quite challenging. It is still very early in the gardening calendar and you may struggle to think of jobs you can be getting on with apart from the obvious tidying up with the correct garden tools.

Now is the time to plan. What do you want to achieve from your garden this year, what didn’t you get round to last year?! Make a cup of tea and browse through gardening books for inspiration and research online. Grab a pen and paper and make notes or create a story board to help you visualise how your plans will come together.

Get Prepared! Start buying your compost, pots, gravel, seeds and garden equipment early to beat the rush later in the year. Lockdown creates a high demand for these items and could affect delivery times, so do make sure you have everything ready for the start of the gardening season.

If you are planning a vegetable patch this year, choosing your seeds is one of the first jobs to tackle. How much space do you have? What’s the soil type? Do you have the correct equipment like a propagator to start the seedlings off?

What is a propagator for exactly? A propagator is an excellent tool to give your seedlings a head start by protecting them from cold temperatures and pests. The clear lightweight cover has adjustable ventilation, making it easier to control the airflow to young plants and is made with thermoformed clear plastic to help create the perfect growing environment. You will also need to use a tray to plant the seedlings in. Our Stewarts Garden Propagator Cover comes in two sizes to fit a 52cm tray / 38cm tray. It is 100% recyclable and is long lasting.

We have a great range of seed varieties in store: vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds and many more. Even if it’s your first time, give it a try, it’s so rewarding to see the seeds start to grow and produce their flowers or vegetables. Growing seeds is an excellent activity for children to be involved with too and teaches them where their food comes from and even gives them a sense of responsibility!

If you don’t want a whole seed packet, we have Seed Cells that contain just a few seeds, so you can try more of a range. We also have Italian and Indian seed growing kits which contain everything you need, they also make a great present! We have seed trays of all sizes, or small pots, also little propagators – to help the seeds get a good start and if room allows, a Growzone mini green house!

Growing your own is not a daunting as you may think. Don’t be scared, just go for it! As long as you follow the instructions on your seed packets and do your research you can’t go wrong. There is always a friendly (mask-covered) face at our stores to ask for advice, or send a direct message on any of our social media platforms. We are here to serve you during these difficult times with essential products and support for your garden. Good luck!