Ponds and Water Features – Blue Mind Science

Have you heard of Blue Mind Science?
It is a science that proves the health benefits of being near water.

“This deep biological connection has been shown to trigger an immediate response in our brains when we're near water. In fact, the mere sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness, increase blood flow to the brain and heart and induce relaxation’’ - marine biologist and author of the 2014 book Blue Mind, Wallace Nichols.

The sound of water has enormous calming effects on our minds and bodies. You don’t have to trawl through the internet for long before you’ll find a plethora of scientific information proving that the benefits of being close to water can help our physical and mental health.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live near a source of natural water and even if you do you may find it difficult to settle down and relax with passers-by in close proximity.

So how can we achieve our own safe, personal space to truly relax and listen to the soothing sounds of running water? One solution is to create your own watery haven in your garden. Not only will you benefit, but so will the natural world around you. A water feature of any description attracts wildlife and provides an essential life-source to so many creatures.

A pond is an amazing miniature ecosystem and is guaranteed to bring you such pleasure as you sit by and watch the plants and wildlife interacting. You might want to add some fish which brings a whole different dynamic and we recommend pond netting to help protect them and to scoop out any unwanted debris.

Frogs and Toads are an essential part of the eco system in a pond and to help them settle into their new home why not add a Wildlife World Frogilo Frog & Toad Home. Place in a cool, damp shady spot and this will provide protection from predators. It’s frost resistant too so no need to worry about bringing it in during colder weather.

A pond needs oxygenating to create a healthy environment for both plants and wildlife. A great way to do this is to add an oxygenator pump. As the water is raised into the air and returned to the pond it enriches the water with oxygen. This is great for the condition of the life within the pond but the sound as it hits the surface is great for you too! The gentle tinkling is instantly calming. Spread a rug down at the side of the pond and close your eyes. Before you know it, a sense of calmness and serenity will prevail!

Oxygenating plants will also serve this purpose and you can find an excellent range of these in our aquatics plant section. Don’t forget if you are potting-up water plants you may need potting grit. At our Chenies store we even have water snails that help to oxygenate your pond and keep it clean!

If you enjoy evening retreats down to your watery paradise, then a bit of gentle lighting may be just the thing to enhance the ambience. We recommend Smart Garden Rock Spotlights; these lights are concealed in an artificial rock that is very discreet and looks natural.

Of course, not everyone has the room or time to dedicate to the upkeep of a pond but that does not mean you have to miss out! There are other ways that you can enjoy the sound of running water whist watching the sunlight dancing in the reflections and a Water Feature provides just that. Installation is simple and instantaneous, you’ll be sipping your favourite summer drink and relaxing by yours before you know it!

We have many different varieties of water feature to choose from to suit every taste from the very large to something more subtle. The first we’d like to share with you are Solar water features. We have 6 to choose from that range from the natural design of the Smart Garden Rock Fall, the traditional Queensbury Fountain to more contemporary fun like Frog Frolics! All utilise a low voltage solar pump to constantly re-circulate water from the main bowl reservoir and are so easy to install and use. No mains wiring as the water features work in direct sunlight with an integrated solar panel.

Our top picks for mains water features are from Kelkay - let’s start with the East Fountain Bustling Water. This feature creates the natural looking environment of a rocky water course that has a hand-painted finish. You will instantly find yourself relaxing to the soothing sounds of running water as it happily chuckles by.

Our next recommendation is much more contemporary in contrast – the Kelkay Easy Fountain Dark Planet. Water pours down the surface of a stone-effect sphere and collects in the reservoir below. Such an interesting focal point for any garden!

How about something more traditional? The Kelkay RHS Harlow Fountain could provide just that as it conjures up thoughts of stately homes and grand houses in the country. This stunning water feature replicates the characteristic of aging natural stone, whilst being made from a lighter stone composite. So elegant.

There are lots more to choose from and all just simply need plugging into the mains for instant enjoyment. Why not plant some gorgeous plants around them for an established feel? Don’t forget you’ll need to treat the water to keep your feature algae-free and sparkling clean and we recommend Kelkay treatments for this. To keep unwanted insects at bay you can also add Kelkay Citronella water scent.

So, there you are, everything you need to create your own Blue Mind Science space in your outside area.
Prepare for some serious relaxation!

For further advice with ponds why not visit Dixons Landscaping on site at our Great Amwell centre or visit their website.