At Christmas time we like to adorn our homes with festive lights, ornaments, and decorations to create that magical feeling. Houseplants are becoming increasingly popular and provide another way of bringing some festive cheer - in particular, the Poinsettia.

At Van Hage our Houseplant Departments are bursting at the seams with different colours and varieties of this gorgeous plant and our customers have returned to buy them year after year.

There’s nothing quite like that bright burst of red leaves contrasting with the vibrant green foliage to evoke feelings of a ‘traditional Christmas’. Choose from a single plant or a potted arrangement ready to give as the perfect Christmas gift or simply to treat yourself. Don’t forget a pot cover to pop the Poinsettia in too, it will completely transform the plant and is gift-ready!



Let’s tell you a bit about the Poinsettia and our British Growers.

Poinsettia (euphorbia pulcherrima) grow naturally in Southern Mexico and have slowly but surely become a Christmas tradition throughout the world, bringing a bright splash of festive colour. 
We choose strong varieties and work closely with our growers to obtain the best quality plants for our customers, which will last throughout the festive season. 

Our growers… 
British growers are constantly developing new plant breeding techniques to make the Poinsettias sturdier. They are grown in glasshouses which are heated by Biomass fuel from the New forest, from all-sustainable sources.

The growers use biological pest control, to reduce the use of chemical sprays. They grow an aubergine plant, with the biological pest control sachets attached to it, alongside the Poinsettia crop. 

The pests are attracted to the aubergine (rather than to the Poinsettias!) and the bio-control sachets on the aubergine plant will deal with the pests in short order. So the crop is kept pest-free, without the use of harsh chemicals sprays. 

All our Poinsettia pots are recyclable, and the sleeves, which are so important to protect the plants from wind and cold as the customer transports them home, are made from recycled material, which is itself recyclable, too! 

Lastly the all-important Poinsettia care…

Place in a bright spot, out of direct sunlight. 15-21degC/60-70degF is perfect. 
Keep out of draughts and away from radiators. 
Don’t let it get too dry, but not soaking wet either.

Only water when the surface of the compost has dried out and allow excess water to drain away so that your poinsettia is not sitting in water.


We have lots of Houseplant accessories to choose from online and in store to help you get the most out of your plant and don’t forget to talk to one of our experts in store with any questions or queries you may have.

Visit one of our centres today and pick up your perfect Poinsettia – nothing says Christmas quite like it!