Perfect Pet Care with Van Hage!

Our wonderful Pet Department at Van Hage Great Amwell is growing!

Pets are hugely important to their owners and regarded more so than ever before as much loved members of the family circle. At Van Hage we truly understand the importance of Pet Care and making sure our pets receive everything they need for a happy, healthy life.

Pets enrich our lives in so many ways - teaching children responsibility, companionship, comfort and in many cases, they offer support for anxiety and disabilities. Let’s not forget all the hard-working animals in the forces - rescue services, farms, and security industries too. What would we do without these little wonders?

With all that in mind, no one would argue that our pets deserve the highest level of love and care and that is why, here at Van Hage, we endeavour to stock the finest accessories, food, treats and toys from well-established household brands.

Have you visited our fantastic Pet Shop at our Great Amwell store? Now with even more to offer your furry, fishy, and feathered family members, you are sure to find the perfect equipment and accessories for them. You can find our Pet Shop immediately to the left as you exit to the outside plant area and our experienced staff can advise you on the right products to cater for your pets, large or small.

We’d like to show you some of our most popular and top picks to inspire you when next shopping for your pet.

Dogs & Cats

At Van Hage, we have a fantastic selection of items for your dog or cat. From collars to cat treats, ball throwers to bedding, we cover a wide range of items for your four-legged companion. We can help with care for puppies and kittens, right through to their senior life.

Let's not forget play, relaxation and grooming too! With all these goodies available you will be spoilt for choice, especially with top brands such as:

Zeus Dog Snacks,
Nature's Deli food,
CatIt Treats and Toys
Pet Face Parlour Grooming Accessories,



Smaller Pets

Not all of us have the room, time and energy larger pets require but would still love a companion and this is where smaller pets have their time to shine! Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs do not take up much room in your home but will take up all the room in your heart! They do not require walks in the park either and can get their daily exercise without leaving your home or garden.

We have many products for smaller pets in store and online.
Our top picks are:

Living World Pine Shavings (14litre)
Living World Chew-Proof Water Bottle
Burgess Excel Nuggets with Oregano

Indoor and Outdoor Fish

From the humble goldfish to exotic Koi Carp, we stock many ranges for both cold-water and aquarium swimmers. Fishkeeping can be complicated but it doesn't need to be, as we have the most innovative products for the wellbeing of your fish. We can keep your hobby going 'swimmingly' with our great range of food, pond filters, water treatments, nets, accessories and much more! Once again, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our knowledgeable team if you think something ‘fishy’ is going on in your pond or aquarium!

Our favourite picks are:

NishiKoi Fish Food
Wolf Garten Window Pond Net
Smart Garden Oxygenator
Pontec LED Illuminated Ring for Water Nozzles
Fluval Quick Clear
Fluval Biological Aquarium Cleaner
Aqualife Artificial Plant Decorations
Wildlife World Frogilo Frog & Toad Home

Birds and Garden Wildlife

One of the joys of having a flourishing garden is all the wildlife that it brings.
Feeding wild birds in our gardens isn’t just necessary during the Winter months. It’s true that they require less help from us in the Summer but by providing a constant source of feed and places to safely rest you will be making a huge difference to the success of their survival.
We are proud of our ever-growing range of bird feeders, seed and treats from great brands such as Simon King, Henry Bell and RSPB, ensuring that our feathered friends remain regular visitors.

Hedgehogs need our help more than ever before. They are the gardener’s best friend as they eat all the slugs and snails that munch their way through our plants and vegetable patches. Hedgehogs are sadly in decline because many get killed on the roads as they cannot move freely from garden to garden due to the secure fences and walls that surround our properties. It’s so helpful if you can create a small opening somewhere in your garden to give them safe passage. We have plenty of feed and shelter in stock that will help you make a difference.

Bees, butterflies, and insects also need our help as sadly their numbers are in decline too. We really can help supply all you need to nurture the full circle of life in your garden space. From bee and bug hotels to biodegradable housing, we are fully committed to helping you grow your wildlife haven.

Our top picks are:

Bird Tables
Bird Baths
Wildlife World Ladybird Insect Tower
Wildlife World Pollinating Company Bee Nester

Wildlife World Nourish Hedgehog Food

Tom Chambers Hedgehog House



Coming Soon….

We'll soon be stocking accessories, supplies and equipment for chickens (but not supplying the chickens themselves!)

If you have a more sustainable lifestyle in mind for your home, chickens are a great choice. There is nothing quite like collecting fresh eggs for breakfast in the morning, whilst teaching children where their food comes from. Chickens make a great educational pet to have (some say easier to care for than a dog, with many breeds being extremely child friendly!). They're also a gardener’s dream, as they eat pests, and in return give a constant supply of free organic compost.

Make sure you keep in touch, as we plan to stock all you need for homing, feeding and caring for these versatile birds.

As well as our feathered friends, our small animal department is ironically, getting bigger! We aim to stock products for tiny creatures such as gerbils and hamsters. However small, we know they are still a big commitment when taking care of them.

Why not come along to Great Amwell today and browse the extensive range we have to offer - we look forward to welcoming you soon.