Light Up Your Christmas!

Nothing makes Christmas more festive than the sparkle of Christmas lighting. Whether in your home, around the town or in shops and businesses, Christmas lighting creates an ambiance like no other and instantly gets you in the mood to be merry and bright.
At Van Hage we have a huge range of Christmas lighting to choose from both in store and online ( that should pretty much meet every expectation, requirement and taste. From novelty lighting to window lights, string lights and lanterns (to mention but a few), we have something for everyone that will help you light up your Christmas!

So let’s start with String Lighting.
All our mains String Lighting use LED bulbs which are energy efficient and can be used inside or out. They are ideal for decorating the outside of a building, a wreath, a garland and of course the all-important Christmas Tree.
It can be confusing when deciding how many lights to use on your Christmas tree to create that magical glow, so we have put together a basic guide to help you:

LED Cluster Lights
90cm/3ft Tree 750 – 1000 lights
120cm/4ft Tree 1000 – 1250
150cm/5ft Tree 1250 – 1500
180cm/6ft Tree 1500 – 2000
210cm/7ft Tree 2000 – 2500
240cm/8ft Tree 2500 – 3000
300cm/10ft Tree 3000 – 3500

LED Twinkle Lights
90cm/3ft Tree 120 lights
120cm/4ft Tree 129 - 180
150cm/5ft Tree 180 - 240
180cm/6ft Tree 240 - 360
210cm/7ft Tree 360 - 480
240cm/8ft Tree 480 - 720
300cm/10ft Tree 720 – 1000

A good rule of thumb though is the more the merrier, and a larger quantity of lights add depth and magic to your displays.

There are many different types of string lights to choose from, so here are a few of our top picks to help you make your choice:
Lumineo Micro Compact Lights have 960 or 480 LED bulbs. Available in Cool or Warm White with a choice of silver, green or gold cabling. They have 8 functions, and each bulb is spaced 2.5cm apart giving a medium density of lighting. The full length of lights is 12m. The micro bulb is smaller and gives a more delicate look.
Lumineo Cluster Lights have 1512, 768 or 480 LED bulbs which are available in warm or cool white. They have 8 functions, and the bulbs are closely packed giving a high density of lighting. With 13.5m of lights your display will really shine!
Festive Firefly Lights have 600 Warm White LED Bulbs and are perfect for smaller displays
Lumineo Compact Lights have 1000 LED's and are available in Warm or Cool White. They have 8 functions, and each bulb is spaced 2.5cm apart giving a medium density of lighting.
Premier Led Net Lights are perfect for window displays. Available in warm or cool white and sizes 3.5X1.2M 360 or 1.75X1.2M 180. Instant impact!

Battery Operated Lights
If you prefer battery operated lights, then take a look at the Premier 600 Led Time Lights range. They are available in Warm White, Cool White or Multi-coloured. Ideal to leave without having to manually switch on with 6hrs on and 18hrs off timer and up to 30 days battery life. Good for smaller displays.

Now let’s talk about Acrylic Christmas Figures.

It’s not all about string lighting at Christmas. An Acrylic Figure or two can really add to your displays both inside or out and bring some extra Christmas cheer to your home this season. We have so many to choose from, both novelty for a bit of fun or something more sophisticated for a more serious display.
Again, all our figures use LED bulbs which are energy efficient and can all go either inside or out.

Take a look at our favorite picks - Animals First.
Solo Concepts 1.4M Spun Stag in Cool White or multi-coloured stands 1.4m tall.
Premier Spun Mother and Baby Deer available in either Cool or Warm White. 70cm and 38cm tall.
Konsmide 5 Foxes, Reindeer or Penguin sets - so cute! 5m power cable.
Konsmide Acrylic Sitting Bear with 16 White bulbs, 18 x 14cm
Kaemingk Penguin and Baby - 53 cm tall with a power cable of 800cm. Has 60 cool white bulbs
Lumineo Acrylic Robin stands 14Cm with Cool White bulbs, battery operated!

Snowmen next!
Kaemingk LED Snowman with Skis - stands 90Cm tall with 200 Cool White bulbs
Premier light up Snowman stands 90cm tall with 80 cool white bulbs
Snowtime ‘The Snowman’ stands 55 cm tall with 100 cool white bulbs

Other Acrylics Lights
Kaemingk Set of 3 Light Up Mushrooms with 72 cool white bulbs
Lumineo (Kaemingk) Pyramid stands 89Cm and 58cm and has an 800cm cable length

Finally Decorative Display Lights
So we’ve looked at string and acrylic lighting, now it’s time to look at other ways to light your home both inside and out.

Here are some of our top picks!
Premier Starburst Snowflake available in Gold or Silver and in sizes 90cm or 60cm. 90cms have 660 bulbs and 60cm has 300 bulbs. 10m power cable.
Festive Dewdrop Star, 56Cm and 36cm Warm White
Festive Crackle Effect Spheres in various designs: Robin, Sleigh and Postbox, 20cm or 15cm. Battery Operated and indoor use only.

Premier Branch in Silver or Gold Glitter, stands 1.2M with 80 warm white bulbs
Kaemingk Micro Pinecone, Star and Ball Hanging Decoration on Rattan Rope. Has 15 bulbs in warm white, battery operated and indoor use only.
Snowtime Snowman or Santa Car Water Lantern stands 31Cm. Battery Operated and inside use only
Festive Twinkle Dewdrop Star 38Cm tall with Warm White bulbs
Festive 44Cm Lit Wood Reindeer Scene and Festive 30Cm Lit Reindeer Village
Snowtime LED Water Telephone Glittery Snow Globe - Ice White LED and stands10.5 × 10.5 × 26.5 cm. Battery operated, indoor use only.
Premier Santa Snowman and Christmas Tree Merry Christmas Sign, stands 45X24Cm
Kaemingk Micro Led Silver or Gold Balls 20CM has 30 warm white bulbs, 15cm has 20. Battery operated and indoor use only.

The Team
We have an amazing team in the Christmas Lighting department, and they are on hand to answer any lighting queries you have when you visit our stores. Please don’t hesitate to ask one of our in-house experts who can help you choose the perfect combination for your home or business. Available over the phone, on email or in-store.
We look forward to welcoming you soon and have a sparkly Christmas!!