inspire your outdoor space with garden furniture ideas

 Be inspired with garden furniture ideas to transform your outdoor space into an oasis. We’ve drawn together a list of unique garden furniture ideas for every type of space, and for every type of gardener that can help you create a relaxing space you adore.  

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How to Choose the Right Garden Furniture Ideas for You

Garden furniture has the ability to truly change the aesthetic of an outside area. Choosing the best garden furniture for you is essential to ensure you enjoy using it for years to come. The primary decision when it comes to confirming your garden furniture ideas is what material your pieces should be made from. Popular choices include:

Each of these has its own benefits, from plastic being easy to clean garden furniture, to wood complementing the natural tones of your garden. When researching garden furniture ideas these aspects are likely to influence your decision.

Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Small Gardens

Small gardens or balconies can be turned into relaxing areas with a few simple garden furniture ideas. With more compact spaces, it is key to focus on choosing smaller pieces such as bistro sets. Bistro sets consist of a small table and two chairs, perfect for enjoying the sunshine whilst eating lunch or dinner. Supremo garden furniture and Kettler garden furniture collections have beautiful garden furniture ideas for tighter spaces.

The Ideal Garden Furniture for Large Spaces

For those lucky enough to have a large space, the garden furniture ideas are endless. To create cohesion across your garden we recommend opting for furniture sets from brands such as Bramblescrest or Norfolk Leisure. Furniture sets contain large tables and chairs that match perfectly, whether you cluster them together, or scatter them around your lawn, your garden will look carefully designed. 

With your extra space you can opt for more indulgent garden furniture ideas. Creating a firepit area for keeping cosy during winter days, and cool summer evenings will ensure yours is a garden to inspire others.

Garden Furniture Ideas for the Budding Host

A beautiful garden is the perfect place to host parties and delicious BBQs. There are so many garden furniture ideas for turning your outdoor space into the best party venue. If you plan on serving up lots of yummy food and drinks, it’s essential to have dining sets. Dining sets, from brands such as Nova, provide you all you need to host the most successful party of the summer. 

Whether it’s for providing shade from the hot summer sun, or to ward off unexpected downpours, the budding garden host would not be complete without a parasol or gazebo. These are a must have garden furniture idea for ensuring you can host all year round in the British weather.

Use Furniture to Create a Family-Friendly Space

Encouraging your children to spend time in the fresh air is made easier with child-friendly garden furniture ideas. Both you and your little ones will adore swing and cocoon chairs. The gentle swaying will provide hours of fun, keeping your kids busy outside all day long.

For larger family gatherings, a good garden furniture idea is corner sets. Corner sets ensure everyone is involved in the conversation as you all face each other. These are also perfect for lying down and enjoying the sun when less people are around.

Garden Furniture Ideas for the Sun Seeker 

The British sun can be excellent in the summer and your garden furniture ideas should focus on soaking it up. If you adore lying in the sunshine, you’ll love daybeds. Featuring comfy cushions and reclining angles, you’ll be able to doze off in the afternoon, or enjoy reading a book outside.

The Best Furniture to Withstand British Weather

When pondering garden furniture ideas for your space, you may wish to consider the weather. Opting for weatherproof furniture will ensure you can enjoy your space all year long. Wooden and metal garden benches and other sturdy pieces are perfect garden furniture ideas for withstanding the weather. To protect your new pieces whilst not in use, use a garden furniture cover to defend from rain, frost, and sun.

Simple Ideas to Style Your Garden Furniture

Once you’ve chosen your dream furniture, it’s time to decide how to style it. Our top ideas for styling your new furniture are:

  • Add a pop of colour with outdoor cushions and rugs - creating a living room inspired space outside.
  • Decorate with garden lighting - string up fairy lights on a gazebo to bring soft lighting at night.
  • Place lanterns around your garden for an ethereal atmosphere.

Furniture Ideas for Your Garden Room

Your rejuvenated outdoor space may inspire you to update your garden room to match. The best idea for redesigning your inside area is to choose beautiful indoor furniture that makes you crave spending time in the room. You can add extra comfort with indoor cushions, perfect for decorating your garden room further.

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