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Investing in new garden furniture can be a tricky task. Of course, you want to make sure you’re choosing a style that suits the look of your garden. However, quality is also key and it’s crucial for your new set to last you well. We’ve curated our favourite garden furniture brands and some style advice to help you make the best decision.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Garden Furniture Brand

Here at Van Hage we know the importance of getting your garden furniture brand of choice right. With lots of options to choose from, it can be hard to know which one will best fit the character of your garden. Those with a more traditional approach to their yard won’t be as drawn to sleek modern pieces, and vice versa. That’s why we are proud to feature lots of fantastic garden furniture brands, all with their own unique styles, with one sure to be perfect for every space. Let us guide you through our range.

Bramblecrest Garden Furniture

For contemporary styling with maximum comfort, Bramblecrest garden furniture is a great pick. It’s perfect for entertaining guests or just a quiet morning outside. We offer a wide selection of rattan chair and table sets, as well as parasols and weather-hardy covers to keep all your garden furniture protected from the elements.

Kettler Garden Furniture

Don’t compromise form or function – our range of Kettler garden furniture brings both to the table! Whether you’re a household of one or six plus, Kettler furniture can be styled in gardens of all sizes. Choose between effortlessly stylish rattan or metal pieces, as well as our handy range of protective covers.

Lifestyle Garden Furniture

Lifestyle garden furniture is ideal for the practical-minded family. With modern, sustainable designs, you can be confident that an investment in Lifestyle garden furniture is an investment in the future of your outdoor space. We offer versatile rattan pieces and convenient plastic furniture, which is both recycled and ethically sourced. A win for your garden and the rest of the planet!

Norfolk Leisure Garden Furniture

Look no further for show stopping solutions than Norfolk Leisure garden furniture. With lots of stylish options to fit any space, you’ll want to spend all your free time lounging on your new outdoor furniture. A combination of metal and wooden pieces make for a contemporary twist on a classic look.

Nova Garden Furniture

For those wanting multifunctional additions to your outdoor space, Nova garden furniture has you covered. From LED lit parasols to metal pergolas, our range is sure to take all your BBQs and drinks with friends well into the night throughout the whole year. This selection features great pieces to accompany your outdoor seating and get the most out of your garden.

Supremo Garden Furniture

Nothing says luxury like Supremo garden furniture. Available in classic designs with a rattan finish, quality time with the family has never been more comfortable. When paired with a matching weather-proof protective cover, you can be assured that your new investment will give you year after year of use.

Hartman Garden Furniture 

Our variety of Hartman garden furniture comes in several designs, all with a sleek metal finish. Perfect for gardens leaning on the more modern side, this range is both inviting and sturdy. A quality outdoor dining set will see you through lots of use and opportunities for memory-making with your loved ones. Just don’t forget to pick up a cover to protect it from the elements!

Alexander Rose Garden Furniture

Alexander Rose garden furniture features the best of wooden and metal pieces to look at home in any garden space. It’s a brilliant garden furniture brand for those wanting individual seating options as opposed to larger sets. Add a statement to your garden with the help of our selection.

Tobs Garden Furniture

Available in different colours to suit all tastes, Tobs garden furniture adds comfort and simplicity to any space. Their waterproof garden furniture sets in a rattan design provide a unique and fun twist on more traditional pieces. They are a fantastic choice for anyone dreaming of lounging in the sunshine and enjoying lots of alfresco lunches.

Ascalon Garden Furniture

Last but by no means least of our garden furniture brands is Ascalon garden furniture. If an elegant, stylised approach to your outdoor space is what you’re looking for, this set evokes a romantic café garden. There’s never been a more refined way to savour your morning coffee!

4 Types of Garden Furniture

With no shortage of garden furniture brands to choose from, looking into what the furniture is made of could help narrow down your options. These four types of garden furniture are all built for purpose – all that remains is to see which one best suits you!

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is perfect for softening the appearance of functional furniture in your garden. With different textures and colours, rattan garden furniture can be styled into any outdoor space, whether modern or classic. Its ease of repairing makes it an especially great choice for young families. Moreover, you won’t have a hard time working out how to clean your garden furniture in this style.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture is a classic choice, and for great reason. It’s the most natural of all our options, meaning it’ll look at home in any garden. With the right love and care, it can age well into your outdoor space and provide an escape from the strains of indoor living.

Metal Garden Furniture

A huge advantage of metal garden furniture is its unmatched hardiness outdoors. It works well in a patio setting and can be much stronger and heavier than other alternatives, making it robust against wear and tear. When taken good care of, it can have a very long life in your garden.

Plastic Garden Furniture


Functional and lightweight, plastic garden furniture sits on the more affordable side of outdoor living solutions. Unlike other materials, plastic comes in a huge variety of colours to suit all preferences. Another huge plus is its easy-to-clean nature, making it ideal for families enjoying meals outside.

Introducing Van Hage

Van Hage is dedicated to helping customers create their dream garden. From wood pellet BBQs to the best outdoor lighting, let us help you transform your yard into the ultimate escape.