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Finding the best garden furniture for your home is easy with our tips, tricks, and guidance. The furniture you place outdoors can really make a space unique, welcoming, and usable so it’s important to get it right. Whether you use your garden furniture for quiet time, or for hosting summer parties, we have the advice to ensure you pick the perfect pieces. 

3 Tips for Picking the Best Garden Furniture for Your Space

We all have different homes and outdoor spaces, which means the best garden furniture for you is entirely unique. We’ve put together 3 things to think about when finding the garden furniture for you.

  • Size Matters - For those with smaller patios or who just have balconies, you’ll want to consider more compact garden furniture. This could be a two seater table with fold away chairs so you can maximise your outdoor area. Whereas those who are fortunate to have larger patios and grassy areas, will find the best garden furniture for them could larger furniture sets that fit the space.  
  • Fun or Function - A key factor to consider is what you’re going to use your furniture for. The best garden furniture will suit your exact needs. If you intend to use it for your own relaxation, opting for comfy chairs is an ideal choice. Whereas those who wish to host may find large tables and gazebos suit them better.
  • Consider the Elements - With outdoor furniture requiring a clean and refresh from time to time, you should consider how much work you want to put into your pieces. For example, if you adore the golden tones of teak garden furniture, you’ll need to re-stain it once a year. Whilst metal garden furniture could just need a quick hose down.

Taking into account each of these factors will help you to choose the best garden furniture for you and your family. 

What’s Better Metal, Wood, Plastic, or Rattan Garden Furniture?

A key question that comes to mind when hunting for the best garden furniture is what type of material is best for living outdoors. Each material offers different benefits:

  • Metal - Metal furniture is a classic choice for the garden. With many intricate designs there is something to suit everyone. It may require extra garden cushions to make it comfy for long periods of sitting.
  • Wood - Many people see wood as creating the best garden furniture. It is a beautiful, eco-friendly choice and is comfy year round. 
  • Plastic - The benefits of plastic garden furniture are plentiful. Being an affordable option it is often the best garden furniture for those on a budget. It is also low maintenance and is very durable.
  • Rattan - Rattan garden furniture is a popular and stylish choice. As a weather resistant material, this makes some of the best garden furniture for the British climate.

The Best Garden Furniture for Every Outdoor Space

We’ve pulled together the best garden furniture for every outdoor space and every occasion. Read on to find the perfect pieces for your garden today.

Best Outdoor Furniture for Fabulous Hosts

An essential part of being the perfect host is having the best garden furniture for the job! Whether you like to host small, intimate gatherings of friends, or have large blow-out BBQs in the summer, there’s furniture to suit you. 

The best garden furniture for hosts are dining sets. These are gorgeous sets of tables, chairs, and umbrellas ideal for displaying an alfresco meal or summer feast. With comfortable pieces your guest won’t want to leave, you’ll be known as the hostess with the mostess. 

If you plan to only serve drinks and want something a little more casual, a corner set could be the best garden furniture for your space. These are large cushy sofa sets that ensure everyone feels included in the conversation with their curved designs.

Best Garden Furniture for Smaller Spaces

Having a smaller garden doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort and style with your furniture. The best garden furniture for smaller spaces is compact, and often foldable so that it can be put away when not in use. Choose coffee tables and comfy garden chairs to bring a homey atmosphere to the outdoors.

The Best Furniture for Nature Lovers

If you adore being at one with nature, finding the best garden furniture is essential. Opting for pieces that allow you to get close and immersed in your space will ensure you feel connected to nature. For this purpose, we adore outdoor rugs and cushions. These allow you to sit comfortably on the ground, being as close to nature as possible.

Outdoor Furniture for the Sun Worshipper

When at its peak, the British sun is beautiful and warming. Soaking up these days is made simple with sunloungers. Ideal for laying on and reading your favourite book, or just soaking up the rays. 

Garden Furniture that Can Be Left Outside

If you like minimal maintenance and don’t want to store your best garden furniture elsewhere during harsh weather, then opting for wood, metal, or plastic pieces is the ultimate choice. Garden benches made from these materials can be left outdoors all year, allowing you to enjoy them come winter or summer.

Best Garden Furniture for the Winter

Your outdoor space shouldn’t just be for warm days. Firepit dining sets are the best garden furniture for enjoying your space in winter. The warming flames will keep you toasty on even the coldest of days.

The Best Modern Garden Furniture

The best garden furniture for spaces designed with modernity in mind are swing chairs and cocoon chairs. These comfortable, fun, and stylish designs are enviable pieces that your family - especially kids - will adore!

Protect Your Furniture Year Round

Without protection your best garden furniture could lose its charm. If you wish to give your furniture an extra layer of protection, use garden furniture covers to defend against harsh weather when not in use.

Garden Furniture at Van Hage

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