The recent spell of gorgeous sunny weather has really got us in the mood for outdoor living and getting out into the garden! However, it’s only when we venture outside after that long Winter that we truly take in the sorry state our gardens and patios may have become.

For those who have not been able to maintain a perfectly manicured garden throughout Winter, could find themselves faced with frost-cracked patio pots full of old compost and the remnants of long-dead, wizened bedding plants. Dirty, moss-covered decking and patios making it slippery and dangerous. Old broken furniture that was damaged in the bad weather. Strings of solar lighting that have long since given up the ghost hanging limply in the trees, swinging forlornly in the Spring breeze.

All in all not a pretty picture and rather depressing…

Fear not! You can rescue this vision of misery and turn your garden into a haven of alfresco pleasure by following these 9 steps:

  1. Let’s start at the very bottom – cleaning your patio. Green Mould and algae can be a horrible, unsightly and dangerous problem. Before you start transforming your patio, invest in a bit of elbow grease and scrub it clean! We recommend Patio Magic 2.5La biodegradable, antibacterial, long lasting cleaning fluid with and no bleach or acids. We also stock Westland Resolve Moss Killer 1Lthat has visible results in 24 hours. You’ll need something to scrub with and the Wolf Garden WEEDING BRUSH Scraper and Handle or the Creative Products Paving Brush Set are just the ticket! Now that job is done, stand back and be dazzled by your sparkling results – doesn’t that feel better already?
  2. So it’s time to plan how you want your patio to look this year. Beautiful containers potted with structural, colourful and fragrant plants bring instant impact and are easy to care for. Will you opt for beautiful bedding plants mixed with herbaceous? Perhaps some vegetables like tomatoes, beans, peas and peppers, as these grow well in containers. How about some herbs planted in pots within easy reach of your BBQ for those balmy summer nights dining outside? Or for something more impacting how about a dwarf fruit tree like Apple or Cherry? Our Outside Plant area is absolutely busting with beautiful plants and vegetables of every description, so you won’t be disappointed when you visit to make your choices. However if you’d rather shop online, don’t forget we have plenty of bulbs and seeds to choose from to create amazing potted displays for later on in the year.
  3. Once you have decided which plants you’d like to go for you’ll need to look at planters and containers. We have an extensive range of Plastic Pots and Troughs that come in all shapes, colours and sizes to suit every need. Plastic containers are lightweight and are frost resistant. However you might want to opt for a more traditional, robust look and consider our Terracotta Pot ranges. Again we have a huge range to choose from in various styles and sizes and all our pots are frost resistant. So now you have a clean patio and some amazing planters full of plants, vegetables, herbs and trees.
  4. This all looks great in the day time but can you see all your hard work at night? Solar lighting adds a whole new ambience to your garden in the darker hours. Our recommended favourites are The Solar Centre Blulite, Noma Bulb Chandelier, Noma Bulb Spiral Chandelier and The Solar Centre Falmouth Festoon Set Of 25, but there’s so much more to choose from in our lighting department and the real beauty is there’s no need to wire to the mains!
  5. Summer nights aren’t always the tropical temperatures we’d like and chilly evenings can put us off enjoying our new beauty spot in the garden. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, enjoy every spare moment outside by keeping warm. We have three particularly fantastic patio heaters to share with you – one even has a built in sound system for that extra outdoor living experience! Take a look at the Kettler Plush Electric Heater Hanging Pendant, the Sun red Artix Hanging Patio Heater White 1800and the fantastic Sun red Sun sound Wall Hanging Patio Heater & Speakers 2000.All have remote controls for extra ease, just put your feet up and relax!
  6. You might however, prefer the more natural way of keeping cosy and a Fire Pit is just perfect for this. There’s nothing quite like gazing into the dancing flames as you all gather round to toast your marshmallows.
  7. So how exactly are you going to relax in this amazing new garden space?Garden Furniture is a key aspect to any patio or decking area and, luckily for you, we have an extensive range to choose from! There are so many styles and sizes to suit everyone’s individual needs but we’d like to share with you a particular favourite of ours – the Ascalon range. This beautiful ornate metal furniture has an elegant, classic look and our recommended picks are the MARLBOROUGH BENCH, the MARLBOROUGH BISTRO3pc, and the TEWKESBURY BENCH. For an entirely different look though, how about something from our Quest range? These are currently pre-order only but this lightweight furniture is easy to store and is perfect for lounging in the sunshine. The quilted Q-tex weave fabric is extremely strong and durable so it’s perfect for folding up and taking out on a picnic too!
  8. Now the all-important dining aspect of your new garden ‘room’. Whether you prefer a gas or charcoal BBQ we’ve got the right one for you! With reputable brands in stock such as Broil King, Weber and Leisure grow you’re in safe hands and our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the perfect one.
  9. Lastly we have a colourful range of outdoor tableware to adorn your new garden furniture too!

Phew! It’s now time to congratulate yourself on all your hard work! Grab your favourite drink, something delicious to eat from your new BBQ, turn up the music and put your feet up. Look around you and take great satisfaction in all you have created for yourself, friends and family.

The Summer starts here!