15 ways to BBQ this Summer!

It’s the start of our warmer season and Summer isn’t far away. Spring can be an uncertain time with regards to the weather, and we often find ourselves dressing for four seasons in one day! If we’re lucky though, the sun can make an early appearance and we can often be treated to some glorious sunshine making our thoughts turn to outdoor living.

The lawn mower makes its first appearance from the shed, the garden furniture is uncovered and dusted off and we take a good look at our BBQ – has it seen better days?

A barbeque can really make a difference to a social gathering and the delicious aromas create nostalgic memories of happy times gone by.

Buying a new barbeque can be a little daunting - do you opt for gas, charcoal or perhaps something like a fire pit to cook on?

The convenience of a Gas BBQs is one of the main benefits - just use the ignition switch and you’re good to go. Whereas many people enjoy the traditional aspect of cooking over charcoal.

Whatever your preferences, we’d like to take some of the mystery out of buying a new BBQ and recommend some of our top picks.

Let’s start off with two of our favourite Gas BBQ ranges.

Leisuregrow Grillstream barbeques are up first and if you are unsure which cooking method to opt for then this model really is for you. The beauty of these barbeques is that they feature the hybrid gas/charcoal system which allows you to either cook on Charcoal or Gas. All models are super easy to clean as they have a clever system that collects surplus fats and juices.

We have three to choose from ranging from ‘entry level’ to something more advanced. Check out the corresponding accessories too:

1. Leisuregrow Grillstream Deluxe 4 Burner Island Hybrid BBQ
2. Leisuregrow Grillstream Classic 4 Burner Hybrid BBQ
3. Leisuregrow Grillstream Classic 3 Burner Hybrid BB


Broilking - an elite range of gas barbeques that is aimed at the very serious barbecuer, but equally for chefs of any ability. We find the Crowns and Barons ranges particularly impressive in terms of sophistication, features and style. All models include the illuminated control knobs, stainless steel Flav-R-Wave™ cooking system, and electronic ignition. Our two favourites are:

4. Broil King Crown 310 Gas BBQ
5. Broil King Baron S 490 Ir


Now let’s look at some charcoal options.

Weber is a household name and a BBQ ‘go-to’. These charcoal BBQs are hardwearing, stylish, easy to use and manoeuvre around the garden. Lots of accessories to choose from too. What’s not to love?

Our top picks are the basic level:

6. Weber Compact Charcoal Grill BBQ (47cm).

This model does what is says on the tin and enables you to cook simply and efficiently over charcoal.

If you are looking for something more complex then this next model is for you: 

7. Weber Master Touch GBS C-5750 BBQ (57cm) in black or the gorgeous Deep Ocean Blue.

The difference here is that this charcoal BBQ has the added features of the improved bowl venting, the Tuck-Away lid holder and the One-Touch cleaning system.

So, we’ve looked at gas and charcoal – but have you considered pellets grills? Traegar have developed a revolutionary way to cook outside by using hard wood pellets. As they burn, they release the flavours through heat and smoke which is then circulated around the grill with a consistent temperature by a fan, again just like an oven!

There are five options to choose from:

8. Traeger Pro D2 575 Grill
9. Traeger Timberline 850 Pellet BBQ Grill
10. Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet BBQ Grill
11. Traeger Pro D2 780 Grill
12. Traeger Ironwood 650 Pellet BBQ Grill (2021 Model)

Lastly, we’d like to share with you our fire bowl ranges. There’s nothing quite like a real fire to bring another dimension to your outdoor living. As we gather around and watch the flames dance, we feel an age-old sense of togetherness and relaxation.

Fire bowls can be used for basic cooking like jacket potatoes, skewers and grilling if the correct accessories are being used.

Kadai have created a stunning range of fire bowls that are suitable for ambiance, warmth and cooking and are made from recycled steel oil drums. They range in sizes and have various accessories, but our top pick is 13. Kadai Firebowl Barbecue Firepit BBQ 70cm Recycled Kit

We also have a great range of fire bowls from Cook King hand made from steel. Our two top picks from this range are the 14. Cook King Toronto Fire Bowl with an attractive leaf design or the 15. Cook King Montana High Fire Bowl with a wood store underneath.

So now you have chosen your perfect barbeque – what are you going to cook on it?

At our Great Amwell store we now have a fantastic new Food Hall specialising in local artisans that produce high quality food. Churches Butchers and ML Fruit and Veg are two of our suppliers and have fully stocked, fresh choices on offer. You can also find marinades and sauces on our shelves too that will bring an extra zing to your cooking. Why not pop in and get everything you need for that perfect BBQ dish?


Here are some fabulous recipes you might want to try:

Veggie Foil Parcels

Chop veg of your choice into chunky bite size pieces, ideas are onion, pepper, courgette, potato and carrot. Why not pop in a whole bulb of garlic too for extra flavour? Just slice the tip off to allow the juices to flow.

Place in a bowl and mix with olive oil, seasoning and paprika. Once fully covered, seal the veg in a foil parcel and place on your grill on a medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes depending on how al dente you like your veg. The longer you cook, the more the flavours will intensify.

Feta Lamb Chops

Prepare your lamb chops by placing them in a bowl with olive oil and seasoning. Make sure they are fully covered on both sides.
Place the lamb chops on a medium heat and cook for three minutes each side.

Move over to the hot side and cook for a further minute each side, or until the lamb has a crispy, charred exterior. Remove from the barbecue and allow to rest for five minutes.

While they are resting crumble feta cheese and mix with some fresh, chopped mint leaves. A little mint sauce can be used too. Once your mixture is ready, spread on each of the chops and serve immediately.

Here are some other ideas for super BBQ recipes and the good news is Churches Butchers stock everything you need!

- slow cooked BBQ beef short ribs

- minted lamb kebabs

- lemon pepper chicken kebabs

- cote de boeuf (reverse sear on BBQ with fried and creamed spinach)

- wild boar & apple sausages

- chicken & apricot sausages

- boneless minted lamb chump chops

- old Epping pork sausages