At Van Hage we are committed to operating each of our three garden centres with sustainability as a key consideration.

Our main values and efforts at Great Amwell include...
  • We recycle card, plastic, glass, metal, green waste and office consumables. A variety of recycling bins for customer use are available in the car park.
  • All wood products used and sold come from certified sustainable sources.
  • We use under-floor heating in the garden centre to maximise the effectiveness of any heating used.
  • Rain water is being harvested, stored and used for irrigation on the site.
  • Fresh produce sold and served at Great Amwell is sourced locally wherever possible.
  • We encourage the purchase of peat-free and peat-reduced growing media at our garden centres and work with our suppliers to source and promote renewable alternatives.
  • In association with our coffee supplier and the World Land Trust we aim to save 20 acres of threatened rainforest each year as a company.
  • Products sold which originate from third world producers will be covered by the Fairtrade guarantee where possible.
  • We encourage customers to use bags for life or re-use bags. All of our customer bags are biodegradable. Any surplus product packaging is recycled.

We actively promote the use of plants to help create a more healthy and harmonious environment for both humans and animals.